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【Official】Komagatake Grand Hotel

I will inherit the real hot spring in Japan

Tazawako Plateau Hot Springs at the foot of "Akita Komagatake" that attracts various rich expressions every season.Since 1963 we have been loyal to everyone passionate about "onsen water directly from the source"
Komagatake Grand Hotel has been certified as a "source Japan Onsen Heritage sinking bath" not circulating filtration at "The Japan Onsen Heritage" from October 13, 2012
We were renamed as a member of the Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso group and renewed it.

Please enjoy relaxingly while looking at "Warming garden" full of Japanese taste with onsen water directly from the source.Popular as a sightseeing spot in Tohoku "Akita's Little Kyoto and Kakunodate"
It is convenient for access to "Tazawako". Spring summer is "Walking Akita Komagatake", autumn is "Autumn Leaf Hunting", in winter "Tazawako ski resort" and seasonal leisure is abundant.
Please enjoy the nostalgic local cuisine and nature such as the local specialty dish "Yamanote pot".

Introduction of facilities

  • ◆Grand Ballroom "Komagatake"

    330 square meter big banquet hall.It can be divided into 5 divisions.
    We will prepare your banquet hall with one of the go-to-serve type and the high seat chair type.
  • ◆Tea room

    Private room meal venue in the facility.
    Structure such as Japanese garden spreading stones, such as directing reminiscences
    It is a private venue that imaged a real tea room.

    It is a recommended meal venue for important people and entertainment.
  • ◆Small ballroom

    Banquet hall for small group.We can prepare groups of about 20 people.

    High seat couch where you can sit in a chair and have a meal
    For those who are sitting in a chair and being chatted with each other, gozen type etc.
    We will prepare your banquet according to your wishes.
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Information on traffic

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Hotel Name

Komagatake Grand Hotel


Akita Prefecture Semboku City Tazawako Life Insurance character Komagatake 2-30

Telephone number



20 minutes by taxi from JR Tazawako Station, 35 minutes by bus line.It's 1 hour 30 minutes by Airport Liner from Akita Airport Airport Liner.

Pick-up presence (condition)
Hotel - between Tazawako Station(Reservation required)
Tazawako Station is three flights departing from Tazawako Station, 15:40, 16:10, 17:40, departing from the hotel, 7: 30, 8: 30, 9: 30.
★Advance reservation is required until 2 days in advance.Because reservation of the day may not be received, we always ask you to make a reservation in advance.

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Recommended information

  • To heart-healing nature 'Komagatake'

    Climbing season arrived!

    At the foot of the treasure trove of Akita Prefecture's famous mountain-alpine plants "Akita Komagatake"

    Please enjoy the "Trekking plan" recommended accommodation plan for the mountaineers.

    We are offering.

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